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My Online Services

I offer psychological counseling and therapy services to adults, providing a supportive non-judgemental environment to assist each individual in reaching their goals. I understand that every individual is unique, which is why I offer an dynamic approach to best support each person that I work with. The following is a list of area's that I specialize in: 



Stress Management

Trauma/ PTSD

Anger Management

Phobia's/ Fear

Adjustment Issues

Relationship problems

Addiction support


Expat specific issues

Compulsory behaviors

Mood Disturbances

How it works: Therapy vs. Counseling?

Psychotherapy utilizes evidence based therapies to find the underlying or root cause of an issue. The therapies are generally long term and focus on how an individuals' thoughts affect reasoning and therefore behavior. As a therapist, I am also qualified to give a diagnosis however, can only offer this service in person. 

Counseling is a service that is generally short term and focuses on a problem the individual is experiencing in the present. Through counseling I will help the my clients find ways to change their behaviours, develop coping skills, manage stress, and adjust to changes in their lifestyle. I offer counseling services both in person and online.

Not every counselor is a good fit, which is why I offer a free 15 minute telephone consultation as the first appointment. We can discuss your goals and also provide a short introduction to one another. Afterwards, each individual session is 50-60 minutes and the price is €120 per session. Fee's for online counseling and couples/family services include VAT. To schedule an appointment please call, email, or schedule an appointment online. 

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